Life Goes On No Matter What!

Life has not stopped even when I was not well and definitely not feeling good.  I wasn’t able or willing to go out and enjoy myself because I was not feeling good and I was NOT going to go out and infect other people with the cold virus that I had.  It was awful.  Now I just have laryngitis a bit and I need to keep quiet and not talk for it to run its course effectively.  Instead of saying I have a “frog in my throat” I have been saying that a horse has galloped right on in and is visiting for a while, lol.  It is no fun but what can I really do?  Nothing, except keep quiet and enjoy the silence for as long as it is around.  I know there will be times I will have to talk but that can also be limited.  And I LOVE TO TALK!  I will be okay.  The fever is gone and I do feel a little better.  The coughing is lingering a bit but not as bad now.  I am glad my week has resumed its activities and schedule I have had for a very long time.

Remember yesterday when I had mentioned that being an observer while I was sick has been difficult and sad at the same time?  This stems from part of my entry on May 17th.  I will, due to the fact that it is getting late, will come back to this thought tomorrow or another day in the nearest future because my heart is aching and sad, and I am a little unhappy in the aspect of loving someone dearly but silence is happening right now.  Living at Burbank Plaza hasn’t changed for me but it has changed for some of the tenants who do live here and that is why being an observer while I  was sick one of the hardest I’ve experienced and I find observing not always pleasing or comfortable.  Despite that my life is moving on forward and God is in my life today and always.  He knows my emotional pain and upset right now.  More – maybe tomorrow.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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