The Weekend is Almost Here! A Very Busy Day

There is my scheduled activities and plans during the week and then there are plans that get fit into my schedule due to something fun or not so fun at times. Today was a very fun day and I know it is getting late now and time is getting close to the next day according to manmade time. It has been dark for the past two hours now and I am still here on my computer doing my “thing” on Facebook, playing Fairway Solitaire on my phone, and time is going by rather quickly. Yes, sleep is not that easy to find tonight because after my shower and meal preparation, I had a meeting here in my home with a few people from a group called Life Leadership that I am now a part of. The meeting went from 7 pm to 9 pm or so and after everyone has left, I needed some more time for myself, and get my daily devotionals read for the day before the day totally escaped me. I know I should go to bed and use my CPAP machine tonight but my wheels are turning in my head so fast from the awesome meeting that took place here in my home. I am so glad that Friday and Saturday are days I can sleep in and enjoy my mornings and early afternoons before my shower gal gets here. So much has happened today and my brain is still wheeling about at a fast pace, lol. This is what I am now a part of at and I know I am going to fulfill some dreams now because of this group. If anyone believes this is a hoax or some scam, I know people are going to get a certain look from me along with my eyes rolling about. I am very good at expressing myself with my face without even trying. I wear my heart on my sleeve!!! Anyway… It was an awesome day. It was a busy one, too.

MJ and I did not cook today. We made fruit smoothies and a fruit salad, cut up some cantaloupe and fresh pineapple today. I know what I am going to be eating all weekend long until the fruit is unable to be eaten anymore. I love fruit. There is so much food we cooked in the freezer this week that we decided not to cook. I did find a recipe on the butter bowl lid I want to make and so I believe MJ and I going to do that one day.

More tomorrow. I need to get to bed or at least have a nap. Bye.

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