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Life in the Karnopp household is going smoothly and relatively comfortable today.  I did talk to one of my neighbors this afternoon about something that has been bothering my heart for a while now and the talk helped a great deal.  I feel a large burden has been lifted off my shoulders or at least my feelings have been put to rest.  What has been happening and what I have seen or not seen does have a great impact on my life according to some people in the building or at least it has done so in the past.  Just recently and this past Sunday the group that seemed to cause some trouble has finally been totally disbanded because two tenants have been evicted from the building or have moved out.  Only one tenant left from the disbanded group remains in the building and that is my neighbor RS who lives above me.  That was the reason why I had to talk to someone about what was troubling me for a very long time.

Burbank Plaza has changed for the better since new management took over last August 2013.  At first I thought it would be one of those changes that would make this place a bad reputation or what reputation it did have even worse because Teamster Manor did have a bad reputation no thanks to the property management companies previous to August 2013.  I have been able, at one time or another, to ride the public transportation in my city and have run into former tenants who lived here while it was still Teamster Manor telling me that the building has a bad reputation. I have come to find out that former tenants who once lived here have bad mouthed this place with a hatred so strong on the outside and have lied on top of it.  In fact, one tenant who moved out over a year ago had promised me that she would keep in contact with me when she moved out but it came to my attention through observation that it was never her intention to keep in contact with me and our friendship here was just a front for her.  Our friendship was a lie and that hurt me for a while.  The idea of living here was not a happy thought for a while for me while Teamster Manor existed but once I moved from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor that changed my attitude to a more happier one.  I have lived in the building since March 1998 in Apartment #308 from March 1998 through to October 7, 2009, and then from October 2009 to the present moment.  In fact, it has been a fine time living on the first floor.  I feel more comfortable and safer on the first floor.  I do not have to worry about the elevator anymore.

At one time I used to enjoy visiting other neighbors but I now I keep to myself more than anything.  I have a set schedule everyday of the week now that does not get vamped too much.  When it does I have to be flexible if I can.  Now, I do not enjoy visiting other neighbors so I do not that anymore.  I do not feel comfortable doing that because everyone seems to be in their own world now-a-days.  I have not had my neighbor RS and her dog Sport down for a visit for a long time either.   The last time I saw RS was on Sunday and all she did was say this and that about management, another tenant got kicked out, and that she was not happy here anymore and wants to move out but does not have the money to do so.  That bothered me a bit.  It actually bothered me a lot to where I finally made that phone call to another neighbor today.

Well, anyway…I have done a lot of venting and writing today.  It is time for me to head out for my Bible study so I will be back later or tomorrow sometime.  I have another busy day ahead of me tomorrow and I am having mixed feelings about part of it – the evening part of my busy day.  Tomorrow is my meal preparation day and I have my first meeting with a group of people in a program called Life Leadership.  It is a Christian group of people I have joined and I am looking forward to being involved.  I am a bit nervous as well, too but I know that that feeling is relatively normal.   I have to run for now.  Bye…

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