The First Day of June

I am so glad that I took the weekend to be alone.  My emotions are confusing and I have a very busy week this week.  I am not having the greatest weekend and I prefer to be alone and left alone at this time.  I would not want anyone joining my pity party if there is one.  I am not having a pity party yet but I have been crying a lot or I need to cry a lot anyway.  I am  still not happy with some people in my life but I think I am going to call Catholic Charities in the morning and take care of something to help ease my mind.  In the meantime, I have to talked to my mom about something very important and am going from there.  I know my mother is not very happy.  I am not very happy.  If it isn’t for my mother, I would be in a an emotional worse than normal.   I know what I need to do tomorrow.

Author: ksmiley

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