Today marks an anniversary for me.  It is actually a memory grown distant now that years have come and gone.  In 1990, which was 24 years ago, I adopted my first cat Emilee Marie Cuddles at 8 weeks ago at the and now, since December 2006, I have had my 2nd cat Bing Noel-Nuggles Crosby from the same place – Rock County Humane Society.  I had Emilee for sixteen and a half years.  She was a one-person kitty and loved by me even though she was temperamental and different.  She lived a good life.

I did not get Bing to fill the void of losing Emilee.  I got Bing to love and enjoy throughout his days and mine.  He is my cat now.  I do think of Emilee often and on days like this and holidays, I remember her and think of her.  She was cremated and I have her ashes in a nice flowered tin and that is where she remains the rest of my days.  I want to buried with her ashes and Bing goes, I want to buried with his ashes as well.

Long live Emilee Marie Cuddles in my heart and mind forever!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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