My Time With My Parents on July 16th

Today could not have gone any more perfect than it did because I spent the day with my mom and Raven pup, and Papa after my shower.  It was an awesome day!  I am ok with the idea of them heading home to New Mexico now – tonight – than I was when they first arrived here last night.  We went to Wal-Mart, Fazoli’s, Eagle Inn, and spent the day together after my 1015 – 1130 am shower person came and left.  Time was well spent with my parents.  The idea of them heading home is definitely something I am ok with but to be honest here, I have mixed feelings about them leaving so soon.

While we were relaxing and enjoying each other’s time, Papa helped me take care of some business on the phone with a couple of things, got my ROKU system set up so I can watch Netflix on TV and not just on my computer.  Mom and Papa got my a ROKU for Christmas 2013.  Also Papa put together my new manager desk chair together and my Sit-N-Cycle.  I feel, since he helped me with some stuff around the house/apartment, I also asked him if he would not mind if he took a computer of laptops off my shoulders and fix them up and keep them for himself or sell them.  That was not a problem.  Since I have my Macbook Air laptop, why should I have two other computers?  I felt that it was worth the time well spent and Papa was willing to help me out.  Maybe Papa will sell the computers and I will get the proceeds from the sell.  I also gave him my first Kindle that I had gotten for my first Christmas present from both of them.

The idea of them leaving in the morning still gives me mixed feelings.  Having my parents here, not just to help me out and do things for me, is always fun.  They were here last year around the same time.  It was a wonderful surprise and I will not forget this in my right mind.


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