My Sunday Thoughts

Today has not been a bad day.  I went to church this morning with my friends SW and her husband MW.  After church, I had time to relax before my shower gal C by and helped me with my shower, dishes, and cleaning up the living room so it did not look so claustrophobic from when the recliner did not work.  I had, while the recliner was having its downtime in full recline mode, I sat on one end of the futon and reclined that way from Tuesday morning to Friday afternoon after 4 pm.  I had to have a TV tray table up and out during that time and it was used for my laptop, my water and drinks, and other items until today after my shower.  Things are back to normal in the living room for the most part.  It is not claustrophobic anymore.

Once again Bing Crosby the cat takes priority over the laptop so I did not get as much done as I had hoped.  With that said, I am not worried about it really.  My “work” can wait since I do not go to work outside the home or work inside the home.  I just do as much writing as I can while I can during the day and the 7-day week.  I will be okay

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