I Am Done!

I am more hurt than anything now.  I told MJ what happened on Monday when I told her I missed RS’s call and it went to voicemail and she asked me to call her back but after two rings, the phone would go to voicemail.  MJ told me that after the first or second ring RS rejected my call.  I am so hurt by this to the point of tears and anger.  This time I have made up my mind about letting her into my life after this stunt.  I am fed up with her attitude and her so-called life here that she states makes her unhappy.  She can live her life without me from this forward.  I have decided to take her phone from my contact list and favorites on my phone and block her number from calling me by using my smart limits feature on my phone.  I am done with her.  I am sick and tired of seeing her when it is only convenient for her and I will not be used anymore.  Whatever her problem or problems may be I do hope that she finds what she is looking for.  I will only be civil to her in the public areas of the building we both reside in and go on with my life without her.  She has not been a friend to me lately and when she pulled the stunt of rejecting my call twice the evening she asked me to call her back when she left a message on my phone.  How rude is that? I call it rude most definitely.  I am so done with RS as a friend.

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