Burbank Plaza Thoughts

Life at Burbank Plaza Apartment Complex has not changed any more than it already had since August of 2013 – a year ago or so.  We got a new manager who knows her job and has gotten acknowledgment for doing a great job by her boss earlier this year.  Ever since SB has come into the building to be our onsite manager and be among us crazy tenants, this place has taken shape, has been formed into a livable and lovely place.  Along those who will abide by the rules and behave and be good tenants there are those who have their issues and lives to contend with along with their distaste of how this place has become.  Some tenants do not like SB because of how she handles things.  It is the tenants who will lose out on kindness and understanding from SB not SB losing out.  I believe she cares but she doe not let such opinions bother her.

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