Today is Labor Day.  IDS is closed so I will not get any services until tomorrow I will have laundry and cleaning done and then on Thursday I will be going grocery shopping and cooking.  I did have my shower gal come at 9 am in this morning to give my shower.  Then between 2 pm and 3 pm, I got my recliner back after Pastor Van and his wife took it last week to fix it.   Apparently, a design flaw with the chair, the cord rubbed between two points and severed the wires so the chair did not work any longer.  Pastor Van fixed the chair by working the wire that was cut/severed and rerouted the cord so that it would not rub and the cord will expose any wire to get cut.   For a whole week I had lived with a space in the area where the chair was and now I have it back, and the space has been occupied with my recliner once more.  I enjoyed the space that was there for as long as it was here.  Do I miss the space?  Yes, but my bottom was getting sore sitting on the futon from day to day, and sometimes at night, and I do not miss sitting on the futon right now.  For a day and a half, I sat on a donut made for those who have troubles with hemorrhoids and it relieved the pressure on my bottom for the several hours.  It was very hard to get on my computer during the week I sat on my futon.  It was a break that I did not want to take but had to.

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