What can I do for someone who is dealing with depression and having health issues when I have done what I could for her already in the past but she has decided to leave me feeling yucky inside after dealing with her rejecting my phone calls twice?  All I can do for this person, who I once called a friend, is pray.  I have been hurt very badly by this person that it cannot be repaired with willingness.  When someone asks me to call them back and while I call that someone back and my calls get rejected twice.  I will not stand for that whatsoever from someone I trusted and then pulled a stunt like that.  This one person I am speaking of is my neighbor who lives right above me.  I once enjoyed having her here to watch TV with me and a movie or two.  That has not happened for over two months now except for once or twice but that was before the phone call incident happened.  I wish nothing bad to happen to my neighbor but I wish she would stop playing her childish games.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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