Where is Time Going?

It seems that another week has started and it is one cold beginning, too!  We have snow on the ground – a dusting actually – in good ol’ Wisconsin.  I had to go grocery shopping at Woodman’s this morning with my worker MJ from IDS this morning after my shower.  After my shower and my shower gal left,  I was very happy to see her go, and believe it or not, I am glad that I have to see her only one more time this week – Friday.  Once more shower gals are hired at the company I get my shower help from, my Monday, Friday, and every other weekend shower gal is going to be replaced.  In the meantime I am working on my patience and it is does get very thin with this shower gal more quickly now than it did several months ago but my patience is there most of the time.  I have my reason to have the need and want to replace the shower gal and the reason remains between me and the company for now.  I will say this though … no physical abuse is going on.

With another week coming and going by very quickly, I do find myself somewhat unhappy with what is going on in my world around me right now!

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