I Don’t Want To Go Anywhere Today

I feeling of dread – a sense of dread today – and I do not want to go anywhere.  I have grocery shopping every Monday when it is not a holiday and today is grocery shopping day.  I hate days like this because I do not look forward to what is going to happen.  This is where Satan does his hardest to attack me and keep me down but I muddle through my day despite how I feel.  I dislike the winter/cold months just for this reason.  The sun is not out and the weather is colder and yet we do not have any snow except for patches of it from a snowfall we had weeks ago and that was around Thanksgiving.  I just do not want to go anywhere or deal with a lot of people today.  I will be seeing my parents from Arkansas on Wednesday for a while and lunch and that is something I am looking forward to and wish was here today instead of two days from now.  Why do I feel I have a sense of dread!  I hate the winter months!

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