Last Entry of 2014


This is my last entry of the year 2014.  In a few hours 2015 will be here and the 2014 year will be a memory for me through diary entries and journaling, and through the heart.  I cannot really go anywhere further with my thoughts about the entire year but I can say that today was a fairly quiet day for me after 11:30 AM.

10:45 PM

I have decided to become a member at Hulu Plus yesterday and have been watching Dark Shadows since yesterday … I watched the New Dark Shadows that starred Jean Simmons, Roy Thinnes yesterday and the 1960s version of Dark Shadows most of the day until 10 PM starring Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins/the vampire.  I stopped watching the show because the howling of the dogs were starting to scare me and it was completely dark outdoors and inside and I surely do not want to be chased by howling mean dogs or so-called/fabled werewolves or vampires wanting my blood tonight.   So I am spending the rest of the night watching Murder, She Wrote.  I have a feeling I will not make it to midnight but it will be pretty close.

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