My First Entry of the Year 2015

2014 is now behind me and so many other people who have lived through another year – fine or not.  I do not believe in making any New Year resolutions because they are bound to be broken.  I do my best at making improvements from the year before and start fresh from one year to the next.  I do not want to be judged on what I do or do not do, finish or not finish, or start and not finish.  I have to admit that I am a procrastinator every chance I get and I do my best at not being a procrastinator!  I enjoy the idea of pushing things off as much as I can!  But now with 2015 looming in for the next 12 months, I am going to do my very best at what I love to do, do what I dislike to do that deals with my emotional, physically, and mental health, and be the best person I can be no matter how much it makes me feel – kills me.  There is a big world out there for me – a big one – and I have to get out of my comfort zone a little more.

I do have to admit that I am not very happy with my upstairs neighbor because she likes to play with her dog before quiet hours and I am talking about making noise about an hour or so before quiet hours.  It is frustrating.  Last year I have really voiced my opinion openly with my mouth but this year I am going to do my best at not voicing my opinion openly with my mouth.  I can voice my opinion openly but I have to do so in a kind way instead of in anger like I have done so.  My upstairs neighbor and I will not be friends anymore because I cannot allow her moods into my life at all.  I also will not allow liars in my life.  Yes, my upstairs neighbor was making noise between 10 PM and 11 PM and some after quiet hours.  Ugggh!  I am working on my attitude towards my upstairs neighbor.  Maybe I need to have more sympathy or pity for my neighbor.  How does that sound?

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