Communication Today and Working On My Attitude

Thinking About How People Communicate Today

There is a big world of technology out there that is getting bigger and better because of all the inventions that are out there that keep on growing.  I am not considering that we are all victims of this growing technology as the days and years grow right along with us but I can definitely admit that how we communicate today is not the same as I remember growing up.  Growing up before computers and cell phones, I remember writing on loose leaf paper or in a notebook, talking on the telephone with friends or seeing them face to face.   Yes, face to face contact has always been a favorite of mine.  Oh how times have changed throughout the 44 years of my life – almost 45 years.  I have fallen to the growing technology of computers that are now used for surfing the web, communicating on cell phones through texting and messages sent over the airwaves of what we call satellites in the big spacious world above our blue skies.  I have fallen to the ways of communicating with a computer, cell phone, and communicative devices that have been invented by bright and intelligent people.  I wish I could go back and change my way of communicating with other people but I cannot do that.  I have to move forward in my life.

Working on My Attitude

Remember yesterday when I had mentioned that I need to work on my attitude towards my upstairs neighbor?  She is not the only person I need to work my attitude on.  I have someone else in my life I do not really care for in my life and that is my shower gal BS.  Please do not think of the initials of her name being something else because it is not what you think.  I do have to laugh about it, though.  Even my neighbor has the same initials as my shower gal.  The only thing about these initials of someone’s name is that their names are definitely not the same – first or last.  Anyway, I do not like my shower gal anymore.  She has caused a lot of anxiety in the past six months of 2014 that as soon as a new worker is hired and can work my hours that cannot be changed, BS will be replaced.  I have talked someone who works for the company BS works for and told her what was going on for so long and we have both come to the conclusion that she will be replaced as soon as they can find someone (hire).  My feelings towards BS have been very bitter and I have been uncomfortable having her here for a long time now (many weeks) as having her here has not the same as it was when she first began helping me with my showers.  My attitude has been filled with some hatred towards her because of her constant opinionated mind about what I watch on TV.  I have learned, in recent weeks, not to have my TV on anything I enjoy watching because she will be very open to her thoughts about what I watch.  I have been putting on music on Pandora (Roku system) while she is here or not have my TV on at all.  I have learned, in an emotional whirlwind, how to handle my shower gal and it is a long, hard road I have walked to get to where I am today.  I want to be the best Christian I am supposed to be.  It is not easy being a Christian.  That is a hard job!

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