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I cannot get over how fast the past the three days have come and gone already in the New Year of 2015.  Before long, as the days, weeks, and months go by, the New Year will be a distant memory for everyone.   I am glad I have 12 months of 2015.  Anyway …

This weekend has proved to be semi-quiet here in the Karnopp household that only includes me and my (almost) 10 year old kitty Bing Noel Crosby so far.  I just wish that the floors (my ceiling and my upstairs neighbor’s floor) had more insulation so  did not have to hear everything from a dog barking to her dropping something on the floor or throwing a toy for her dog to chance after.  It can get annoying, ongoing, and just a little before quiet hours begin at 11 PM to 8 AM, and her noise does happen AFTER quiet hours.  With our relationship as friends done and over with, my thinking of her making noise is being done on purpose but I am only speculating and assuming and I am not going to make an a** out of myself if I am wrong.  I have been wrong many times before.  I have a feeling that my upstairs neighbor RS does not care about some things anymore.   She has been very moody in the past and her world has become unpredictable for me to allow in my own world.  Her noise above me is ongoing and it has not stopped and I will not complain to the management because I feel RS is one person who is the type of person to keep the fire burning in the fireplace.  Emotionally, I could not deal with her constant problems and issues.  I can only pray for RS.

Even though it has been a semi-quiet weekend so far for it only being Saturday, I do have my showers at 2:30 PM today and 2:00 PM tomorrow, no company otherwise.  I do not want anyone here.  This is my time to breathe, relax, go to church on Sunday this weekend, watch TV, write, snuggle and cuddle up with my Bing Crosby kitty, and play games on Facebook and on my phone, and do my usual stuff online, and hopefully do some more journaling.  Last night, as sundown came and before I went to sleep for the night, I wrote a note for Facebook and my group there titled “The Voice”.  I needed to get something off my mind about why I do what I do on Facebook and go from there.  I talked to the pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist church about a couple of things to add to my note and thoughts and I did what I had to do to get my thoughts on paper.  Being a Christian is not an easy job because not everyone believes in God or is struggling with their love for God.  My faith is not to be ridiculed or bothered by other people’s beliefs in God or no belief of God whatsoever.  The conversation I had with my mom’s husband hurt me very badly and I have cried a lot of tears between December 24th – December 31st until I had talked to the pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist church.

Today seems to be going slower than the past couple of days (the first two days of the New Year) for some reason or another.  Is it because I have a lot of thoughts going back and forth on my mind that need to be put on paper or written before I get stuck emotionally again?  I believe so but I can be wrong here.  I think I am taking advantage of my New Year in writing in my diary daily at this point in my life.  Is it really necessary?  I do not really know but I am definitely writing.  I write and then I stop writing for a while and begin again.  I am not that busy in my world these days (never were that busy) and have nothing new to write about.  Do I live such a boring life?  Absolutely not but sometimes I do think it and laugh at the thought being silly from the start of the thought.  I am Kristi Karnopp!  I am one of God’s children growing up knowing such a wonderful, amazing God.  Yet today has proven to be slower than the first two days of the New Year.   Even with that said, I am taking advantage of my day and waiting patiently for 2:30 PM to roll in so I can have my shower and get ready for church tomorrow.  I hope I am going to tomorrow.  I WANT to go to church tomorrow!!

I will be going to church tomorrow at our 9:30 AM service.   Yay!

I will be retiring to bed early tonight.  I am tired,

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