My Short Thoughts For Sunday, January 4, 2015

Time has not escaped me this day but I do have to say that I just didn’t feel like writing in my diary until after 10:00 PM CST tonight.  My day was a good one despite how cold it is outdoors and we have snow on the ground now and supposedly expecting more tomorrow from what I understand from word of mouth.  Now we have a whiten world – a world that would have been nice for Christmas.  Yep, we finally have snow!  Do I like snow?  Yes and no.  It is debatable and it does depend on the day and how I am feeling personally and emotionally.  I manage one way or another, though.

Realizing how late I am up, writing in my diary, I am writing about a day that is a normal day in the Karnopp household but I just have to write.  I am watching, a recorded cable show called Dateline and the show talked about a topic that sparked my interest, a fear, and something I am very serious about.  Yep, this show had a topic about hackers hacking into other computers so they can watch what you are doing via the camera that is on your computer!  That is scary because I have a MacBook Air laptop with a camera built-in.  After tonight’s Dateline piece about someone able to hack into one’s computer to watch what you are doing and can threaten you I am going to take my laptop and shut it every chance I get from this day forward,  There are many very computer savvy people out there who can be malicious and nasty.  It is scary.

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