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Okay, I do have to admit that it is below 0 degrees today.  That means it is cold outdoors.  I really do not want to go out in it but I do have to say grocery shopping is important so I will be going out in the cold.  It is time for hat, mittens/gloves, and scarf.  We have a wintry world outside the front door of our building and all over the place.  Do I want to go out there?  No but I have to go!


My afternoon, after grocery shopping and getting out of the cold, I had my cleaning and laundry done, and got my phone calls taken care of for the day.  With all done, Bing and I decided to relax and take it easy for the rest of the day and night.  With that said, I did not expect any company coming over but CSE and her friend MM – not my caseworker from IDS – came by for a short visit.  I was so glad that MM was with CSE because otherwise I would have been very upset because I did not invite CSE to come over and I did not intend for her to come over anymore.  I will NOT be alone with CSE at any time of my life.  She makes me feel very uncomfortable and I DO NOT trust CSE at all.  After their short visit, I was glad that CSE was gone but I wished MM stayed!  I like MM very much.

Now, out of respect to MM, I cannot go into detail about CSE and MM’s current situation so I will NOT divulge anything there.  All I can say is that CSE needs prayers for her emotional, mental, and physical health very badly.

After Company

With CSE and MM here, I did have some company for a while – unexpected of course – but now my evening is ALL mine and Bing’s

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