My World Today!

There comes a time when venting seems to be the best source of relief for me or for anyone. This is my world today and that is going to be that way from time to time. Today happens to be one of those days and I do find relief in a way that may not always be understood.


I find relief today in “venting” because I was really hoping that I did not have any plans after my shower tomorrow until Bible study time but i do have plans after all. After my shower, I will be going grocery shopping in the afternoon with MJ instead of doing so on Thursday. This week we are off schedule because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day being a holiday for IDS and so, at first, everything was pushed to Thursday as far grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry, and cooking meals for the week. I AM NOT VERY HAPPY ABOUT NOT HAVING MY WEDNESDAY PLANS CHANGED! With that said I do realize that MM and MJ may have found it easier for us to do it this way instead of pulling a long Thursday. I still wish to have my time free today without any interruptions before Bible study. though. I do not like it when a holiday falls on a Monday most of the time. It kind of screws me up physically and emotionally most of the time! My Wednesday this week is NOT the only thing that is causing me to have a venting moment.

I still have the one Rescare worker come in every Friday and Monday, and every Saturday, and Rescare is working on finding someone new for me. I am going to email TG tomorrow about my thoughts on the subject. I have to go for now so I will be back another day.19

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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