A New Day

I have my shower gal RK coming in a few minutes so I really do not have a whole lot of time to write right now.  I have a busy morning until around the noon hour or so.  Today is my food preparation day and we are cooking hamburgers, vegetable, and french fries, a couple of other pre-made meals, and stuffed peppers.  After food prep and company is gone I will have no more company after.  i feel I have been busy all week and have not had a whole lot of time for myself to do what I need to do outside of watching TV.  Even my Bible study has been lacking and I have to get back to that once again on a daily basis.  By the time I am done with company such as grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry, and food prep, I have time for myself but I relax a lot afterwards.  Not everyday is a nap needed but for a couple of days this week so far i have had a nap.  So a new day has come.  I need to get to Bible study/reading, writing, and journaling.  I feel I have been lacking my journal time as well outside my writing and Bible studying/reading.  I need to take time for God as well and lick this depression the best i can without too much more medication.

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