Good Evening

It has been a very good day for the most part.  Not a whole lot was done today except for Facebooking, watching TV, writing, and what I usually do on Wednesdays.  I had my shower at 1015 am, Bible study/reading time, Facebooking time, game time on the phone and computer, and then Bible study/prayer meeting.   Tomorrow begins a new day although the same schedule as weeks before.  I have my 8:30 AM shower and the food prep tomorrow and then the rest of the day is mine,  My Catholic Charities worker is out on maternity leave right now so I have another social worker taking over for a few weeks until JM comes back.  I am expecting a phone call from my social worker tomorrow afternoon.  As far as that is concerned, I have to wait until tomorrow for all the tomorrow stuff to happen.

I know it is late and I have yet to retire for the night I had decided to do some stuff online before heading to bed,  I checked my email, looked on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and played a couple of games on my phone.  I even looked at some news articles at Yahoo News Digest, and got comfortable for a while before retiring to bed,  Most of the week I am ready for bed at this time at 11PM but on Wednesday nights I am fighting the sandman a little bit because I get wound up after a Bible study/prayer meeting and it takes a while for me to unwind and tonight I am definitely wound up.  Bing Crosby kitty is waiting patently for me to turn down the bed for the night and close my computer for the night.  He has been such a good boy today,

I am going to sway good night and God bless.

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