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On the 26th of this month – on Monday – I have said that I will keep certain things private as they should be and that is where I still stand today.  I will write whenever i can from this forward due to time, the company I have that is from IDS and Rescare.  I do not want eyes watching what I am typing from even a distance in case someone has 20/20 vision which i find probably not happening but i still do not want those who are here prying in what I write.  I have vowed I will keep things private in my private journal/diary that is not on www.deardiary.org or www.deardiary.org.  I have found myself one person who is more private than I have been before.  I rarely have company over anymore because I do not want to become friends with anyone here in the building.  I have taken my Do Not Disturb sign off my door last year sometime and I still do not get any visitors!  I do like it that way,  The company i keep is from IDS and Rescare, and my cat Bing Crosby is fine company.  I also have Facebook and my games on the company and Facebook to play daily and I still get out to go grocery shopping, church, and Bible Study/praying meeting weekly for the most part.  I am not alone and I do have friends.  I even have friends who I can trust and talk to about certain things that matter to me and I do not talk to everyone about the same problem anymore.  I know who can help me with a certain issue and I will talk to that person about it.  As a matter of fact, I have to write an email today to my IDS worker MM to tell her something about my feelings about depression and i want my worker from IDS MJ who comes and works for me on Mondays and Thursdays to understand that my life is what it is and what i see is being taken care of the way I know is right.  I know that MM and MJ are concerned about me but depression does hit me hard in the winter months because it not always sunny and nice out whereas in the Spring/Summer/Fall months, I find it less depressing and less stressful.  I guess I better get to that email and come back later or another day.  I will write whenever I can.  God bless and have a good day!

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