Making Some Changes Once Again

I know it is close to the end of January now and the New Year humdrum is over and many New Year resolutions have been made and broken by now but I am making some changes once again in my world and that includes writing at Dear Diary.  No, I am not leaving or planning on stopping myself from writing here at any given time soon or later.  I am here to stay for the long hull of writing like many others who have a Dear Diary account – whether it be at or  I am going to be here for as long as i am here.

The changes I am making are changes that I have decided to keep writing what I want to share here and what I do not want to share here will be put in my One Year Diary that is going to be pulled out from public to private as of today.  Why not start out my work week that way.  I will NOT be sharing private stuff here any longer.  I will still vent from time to to but I have a page for that.  I will still share my Bible verses and thoughts here but it will be done so on my Bible Scriptures page i have here and  My venting page will be the same but most of that will stay on its own page from now on instead of sharing it at from this day forward.  It will not be private or put to friends only either.  I am making pages at and writing there from now on and if anything needs or wants to be shared at, I will do so.  I am becoming more private than I used to.

I rarely talk on the phone anymore except to family such as my dad and his wife, my sister, my mother and her husband, and my Aunt who lives further north of here.  I can not get anyone on the phone anymore.  I play games online via the computer and my phone most of the time now instead of talking on it.  I do a lot of texting and messaging now-a-days than I talk on the phone like everyone else.  We are losing our ability to talk because we are so hung up on the technology that has created us into technology beings.  I rarely talk to my dad’s wife on the phone anymore because she prefers texting over talking on the phone and I have another friend who feels the same way.  With my friend, though, we have come up with a couple of ideas to share our voices to one another from time to time via texting and messaging so we can at least hear one another.  We have shared what people call “selfies” and voices via recording.  I have to do what is comfortable for me, my friends and family.

A new week has begun for “work”  Monday is my grocery shopping day, laundry and cleaning day, and my shower is at 9 am in the morning.  I have no appointments this week outside my Monday and Thursday regular scheduled stuff.  I will double check with my IDS worker MM this afternoon when she calls to make sure I do not have any appointments thus week outside my scheduled showers and Monday and Thursday. but as far as i can tell myself I have no other appointments this week.

My shower gal, who happens to be my least favorite, is going to be here in a few minutes so I have to go for now.  I do not want to be writing while she is here because I believe she has her eyes on certain things here that do not need to be on.  I will be back later today sometime or if not tomorrow for sure

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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