A Weekend Away From the Computer

A new “work week” has begun and today, although frigid outdoors today and have been all weekend long, I am back getting things done on the computer starting today.  IDS is closed today so I do not have anyone coming over this morning to take my grocery shopping until Thursday.  Someone from IDS, which it will be MM, be here tomorrow to do laundry and cleaning.  Today is President’s Day and for some reason my heart is telling me that this day feels like an undeserving holiday.  There are people who are not happy with the President of the United States.  I have heard it. seen it, and feel it but I do not have any idea about the President of the United States because I look at things at a more spiritual aspect in life.  This is God’s country going through good and evil from the very beginning of the time of Adam and Eve and I am in the middle of it like every human alive today.   What I see and hear on the news bothers my heart very much so I rarely watch the news because of my anxiety/panic disorder.  I can not have a lot upset me now-a-days because it upset my whole world and we never know how long.  I do watch the CBS news on Fridays 5 pm a couple of times a month just to watch Este and Llulu – two dogs share their animal picks of the week.  Otherwise I read the news from Yahoo and share some articles via Facebook and Twitter daily along with my spiritual stuff I enjoy sharing on a daily basis.

Today I am having lunch with my Catholic Charities worker TG. I am looking forward to getting out for a while even if it is for about an hour.  I know it is cold outdoors right now but we are dealing with some arctic cold right now.  We have not been hit with large snowstorms this year but the area of the nation has definitely been hit hard with tons of snow and other snow/wintry weather stuff.  I do feel bad for those who have been dealing with real bad stuff.

More later…

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