Here I am, today, and in a few minutes my shower gal will be here to help me with my shower.  I am not finding the words I need to say very well at this moment but once again I have a lot to say so I might end up breaking it down to bits and pieces as the day goes or wait to write another day as time allows and I have a busy day today.  In fact I have a busy morning and then the afternoon is all mine after lunch.  This morning I am watching an episode on Netflix of Quincy, M.E..  I did not recognize any of the guest stars on the show except for one I do recognize but did not see his name.  John Karlen comes to mind when I hear the voice of one of the actors but I can be wrong.  I am going to watch the names again later today and make sure.  I am not sure myself if the gentleman is John Karlen.  It is an 1978 episode and John Karlen had roles on another show called Dark Shadows.  He also starred on Cagney and Lacey playing Lacey’s husband.

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