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Okay, shower taken and dressed for the day.  Ever since I have had my anti-depressant adjusted last month, I have been getting dressed for the day.  I have been wearing my Tweety pajama bottoms for around the house instead of out in public.  It feels good to be dressed for the day.  Anyway, today is a busy day in the morning.  I did not go grocery shopping on Monday because of it being President’s Day – a federal holiday that IDS observed so I am going grocery shopping today and then we will have food preparation for the week.

Every week, when i go grocery shopping, I have to decide on what I want to make for meals on Thursday and every week I can not always decide until I get to the store.  I never know what I want to eat during the week!  Today, before MJ left, I/we decided that we will make chili next Thursday.  The way the weather has been, the past couple of days now – arctic! – the idea of chili sounds real good today.  MJ is an awesome cook because she DOES NOT fry anything.  She bakes everything in the oven or uses the stove top to cook her meals.

After MJ got done cooking we worked on my closet and I gave a few games away, some clothing, and a couple of stuffed animals to the mothers and children of our homeless shelter we have here.  We also hung up some pictures and pieces of art that mean a lot to me.  We hung up a memorial area for my first cat Emilee Marie Cuddles and have an area for my grandparents in the living room.  We also hung up a cross that my mother bought for me for Christmas after a Tour on the Pacos (sp?) River looking at all the Christmas lights one year.   The closet has been cleaned more today.

Now with MJ gone, the afternoon is all mine until 9 AM tomorrow morning and then after 1015 AM, I have Friday all to myself and Bing until Saturday morning when I go to church.

I hope my friends and family had a good day.

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