My Soap Opera World

My soap opera days are back again!   Today I began watching “Days Of Our Lives” …

I guess my summer is NOT going to be as busy as I would like to be but I believe it’s more a choice than a disappointment.  I still have “things” to do to deter myself from harm and dangers of the outside world beyond God.  My choice to hang around certain people today is because trust has been lost and those I have lost trust with is because of their choices they have made that have had me turn away from some people.  My personal life matters to me and that is one good reason why I have not written in my diary lately.  I am even very careful about what goes on my Facebook page and I am cautious at what I share.  I already feel i live a soap opera life and the TV is one way I find escape from the reality of the world.  Whether it be watching another soap opera, I will watch it.  “Days of Our Lives” is one show I find rather interesting.  My favorite actresses and actors are on this show.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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