The Fine Birthday!

Today is my 45th birthday.  I am having a great day.  No, I did not get together with anyone outside the building, or in the building, or with family.  I just spent the day saying thank you to friends and family washing me a “happy birthday” on Facebook, text, and messenger.  I believe I lost count after 100 birthday wishes, LOL.  I got a phone call from my mom in the afternoon and then a phone call from my dad in the evening before it got late.  My dad, his wife, and daughter (sister) are visiting family in Colorado.  Mom and her husband are back home from their travels to Northern New Mexico.  They live in Carlsbad, NM while dad and his wife live in Bella Vista, AR.  Anyway, here I am, home alone but not entirely because of Bing Crosby the cat, watching TV movies, recorded TV shows, and shows on Netflix.  I did get a text from my mom’s husband this morning – the first thing I saw when I got on my phone after my 9 AM shower.  I spent the day with Bing Crosby the cat snuggling and sleeping on my lap most of the day and took a nap myself.

Because my birthday ended on Sabbath evening, I got ready for bed early.  Good night!

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