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My day has not been totally bad – not bad at all actually.  I went grocery shopping at Pick-N-Save today instead of having D drive across town to Woodman’s this morning.  I did not have to go grocery shopping really.  I had some items I needed.   I needed baby wipes, toothpaste and toothbrush, and got a couple of bags of popcorn, orange juice, and Gatoraade/Powerade water.   After going to the store, D did the laundry, cleaned, and then left.  Today, C could not make it because she had the day off to visit with family from out of town.  C will be back next Monday.  I have had my shower at 9 AM after not having my shower at 3 PM yesterday afternoon.

Anyway, after D had left for the day, I got comfortable and set up my ROKU system using the modem from the office until I get my new modem on Thursday from AT&T.  So far so good of a day.  Now it is over.  Going to listen to some music and then go to bed.  It has been a fine day.  Good night!

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