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It has been an emotional week that began Tuesday!!! I wish I could explain but I cannot without having some major emotion yet.  I can say that a couple of things were unexpected health wise.  No hospitalization or anything but I do have to admit that I have had a couple of scares.  I did call the right people regarding the health issues.  I am taking another medication for one of my issues – Calcitriol along with my calcium at 12 noon and 8 PM.  I do have to admit that the other scare was only a few hours — the next day — when relief came my way,  At least I do not have to worry about having anymore blood tests done until September 14, 2015 when I go to Madison for my yearly checkup with the kidney transplant team who works with me.  I am just pushing the fluids at this time.  Also, i have my period and that is not fun.  Yes, when I have my menses, I find myself in an emotional whirlwind when things do not go smoothly.  I have, in this case, taken the weekend at stride and plan on not going anywhere,  So right now I am being more flexible to some extent – not really.  I need time for myself once more,  I will have my shower on Saturday at 4 PM tomorrow and after 5 PM, the rest of the day is ALL mine and Bing Crosby the cat’s.

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