More Thought on Certain People

Okay, certain people in my life I want nothing to do with, is certain family members.  My brother, his wife, and kids.  I have not spoken to them since 2009 and they have chosen to change their number and made it unlisted.  They have lied so many times that made it look like I have done all the lying or they have told me that I have done things while visiting their home when I really didn’t.  My last visit in November 2008 with my brother, wife, and kids I did not speak to them for a year until January 1, 2009 because of what they have done to me every time I visited from 2000 on through to 2008.  I was rather disturbed and hurt by what was going on.  His wife would lie, have mood swings, say I could not eat this or that because I chew too loudly, and I have had the blanket thrown off me because I would snore too loud.  His wife has made me out to be a liar to immediate family that my trust with some family members have been questioned at times until recently,

Yes, I am hurt to the point that I wish them not to be in my life at all,  When I saw my brother’s wife’s profile picture on a friend’s Facebook page, I found it rather nice but how could someone smile so proudly after what she has done to my brother’s immediate family  that does include me?  I found her smile, although genuine to many who know her outside immediate family, fake and with distaste.  I had to block her page and my brother’s, along with their son’s, so they could not see my posts on friend’s pages, and so forth.  I am very disappointed with my brother and his wife!

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