Thought 2

A couple of days I was planning on coming back to my journal and write more but for some reason time was misplaced and I lost track of my time.  So this is part two of September 4th.  Here it goes…

BS is not my favorite person of the Rescare team in the Janesville area.  She does things that have annoyed me for months – over a year now.  I have complained but she has not been talked to about my complaints because BS is the type of person who retaliate and not keep her mouth shut.  She is very opinionated and will speak her mind on issues that can get her into trouble with her work/job.  She wears flip flops to work and the workers for Rescare are not supposed to wear flip flops for their safety.  Knowing, since she has told me many times, that she has worked for Rescare for a good number of years (Credible Care it’s former name). She worked with another (former now) tenant here in the building and I do admit that I did like BS at one time until certain things have taken place over a year ago.  Rescare would pull her out of my care right now but then I will be without showers every Monday and Friday and every other weekend if they did so I am putting up with her antics at this time until they can find another worker who will stay with the company for more than two weeks to a month.  Rescare is having major difficulty finding workers to stay.  Right now I just have BS and RK as my Rescare workers since my every other Saturday has no worker.  It is sad and yet I find it rather annoying because I am the one who is getting the shaft along with other clients who have the same worker who has been let go or left.

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