Time Seemed Slow Today

For some reason, time seemed to go slow today.  I do not understand it when it comes to Mondays being my grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry day, and I have company from 9 AM to 3 PM every week.  I believe it went by slow because my emotions were out of whack a little bit.  I allowed my shower gal to get under my skin this morning and she did drive me crazy this morning.  She doesn’t seem very happy.  I am concerned about her health. Now with that said, I can go on with the rest of my thoughts.

Ahh, maybe I had what was bothering me this morning driving me into a “do not bother me” mood.  Who really knows.  I cannot figure it out even at this time of the day AFTER everyone has been gone for a while now.  I do not like it when I cannot figure things out, but I do put up with it for the most part.  I will be okay.  At least, in the long run, I will be okay.

After my company has left around 3 PM I have been able to sit down and relax without any major interruptions around me.  Bing Crosby the cat took a nap on the futon while I decided to watch some Diagnosis Murder television shows I recorded in the past 6 days and take my meds early.  I think now I will head to bed for the night.  Good night.

Tomorrow will be a better day emotionally and in speed.  I have no major plans tomorrow.  I have an idea of what I plan to do, but anything can run into my day to make it fun and exciting.  I wish everyone to have a good night and a good week!!

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