A Few Minutes

I feel, although time has escaped me, I have a few minutes to write.  While I am writing, I am listening to the TV.  I have had the urge to write all day, but I kept to myself for the most part away from the computer today.  I need to take my medication and go to bed for the night, but I wanted to write first.  So here I am.


Today was not a horrible day.  I talked to CV this evening to find out what time she was going to pick me up for our first seminar meeting that starts tomorrow night.  I am excited about going and I am all ready for the occasion.  With that said, I had learned some news that “Grandpa Van” is not doing well right now and is in the hospital.  He has a urinary tract infection, but that is not causing his ability not to open his eyes at this time.  He is responsive to touch and senses what is around him.  My heart goes out to the family and wish for recovery as it sounds like a stroke.

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