“Grandpa Van”

It had come to my attention on Thursday that “Grandpa Van” is in the hospital.  When I heard the news my heart flipped a beat or two and my eyes became moist with tears.  I have been kept up to date on how things are going from the very beginning.  I am not afraid to ask Pastor Van or his wife CV what is going on and as of – up-to-date – Grandpa is the same since Friday.

Yesterday, after church, I went with Pastor Van, his sister LVM to the hospital to see Grandpa Van.  Pastor Van’s other sister S and her husband L, and their son J were at the hospital as well when the three of us got there.  When we got to Grandpa Van’s hospital room and saw Grandpa laying in bed with his eyes closed and facing the right with his mouth sagging and droopy.  The man I saw was not the same man I saw two weeks before and one week before he was hospitalized.  I saw someone, yet the same man, in a different way.  I have learned that he is not responsive.  I talked to Grandpa and told him that I loved him, love hearing his stories, and his love.

As of today, the family has put Grandpa Van on hospice care and took him off his IVs.

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