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I will be honest with myself and anyone who takes the time to read my entries here.  It is something worth chuckling about, but a few years ago, I would not have even done a chuckle.  Some comments some readers leave just make me wonder.  I have been with Dear Diary for several years and some entries from long ago have been commented on this month – this year 2016.  Honestly … I do not find nothing wrong with that but what the commenter used as a name.  That is something I have chuckled over these past few days.  Someone using the word “stupid” is not a favorite word of mine and that is one chuckle I did not make.  This is my journal and I will write what I need to write or say, do from time to time, and whatever comes to mind.  Everyone has their own reason for writing in a journal daily or whenever anyone does so.  I do my best at not becoming angry because it does nothing except bring on destruction somewhere in my life.  I have been angry and can feel it creeping up now to the point I can control it by staying away from what makes me angry.

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