A New Week

I do have to admit that a new work week has begun.  I am going to be busy today for most of the day until this afternoon after 3 PM or so.  Today, or should I say most days, while I am trying to do some work on my computer, Bing Crosby the cat is right here practically right on top of me allowing me not to work.  I have awakened to the quietness of my home without the TV and Bing right here by me being a typical kitty cat.  Yesterday morning until 2 PM we watched the Kitten Bowl III and it was awesome.  Even Bing was interested in seeing the kittens play with their toys.  It was awesome.  No, I did not watch Superbowl 50 last night.  I was into the movies on HMM 88.  I went to bed before 9 PM to listen to some Christian music.

This week I have to go and get labs drawn for my kidney counts along with an UA done to see how the new medication is working to relieve the elevated protein level that is found in the protein/creatinine level in urine tests.  I have to do an UA every week after that started tomorrow until further notice.  I am up for that.  Getting out of the house is a plus for me for the most part,

I am looking forward to a new week.  When the shower gal comes and goes, I will be just fine,

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