Where Does Time Go?

I do have to admit that when Dear Diary was down for the duration it was giving some of us anxiety and wonder what was going on with it, I was feeling lost without it when I really wanted to write.  Today, several days later, I have come to realize that I haven’t written in my diary at Dear Diary for a while again.  Where does time go?  It goes on without writing or not no matter what I have going on in my world.  Anyway, I have been busy doing things for doctors, my workers, church, and writing, and I have put reading back into my life again outside the Bible and Facebook.  I can not get away from a book I have opened up for the second time now – Thurston House by Danielle Steel.  I have read the first two books/parts in it now.  The first time I have read the book was when I was visiting my brother, his wife, and eldest daughter in Germany with my parents from NM in 1991.  I got it on my Kindle reader on my computer, 2nd and 4th Kindle.  My 3rd Kindle was replaced thanks to my NM parents after the one they sent me for Christmas died within 2 days for some reason or another.

Today is going to be fairly busy day for Burbank Plaza, a few tenants, and myself.  We are having in-house inspections in some apartments and my apartment is being inspected today.  It is a HUD inspection.  Yes, I live in HUD subsidized housing complex.  A place I can call home and I love it here.  I have some wonderful neighbors.  I visit neighbors in the community room now-a-days more so than I did when SB was here because i felt safer inside my own home to stay away from trouble.  When SB was here, I felt the tension and staying out of it was helpful and I stayed in my apartment most of the time.  I did not dare do much outside my apartment.  Too many eyes, lol.  I was safe in my home at the time and I am still safe in my home.  Now, with KR back, this place does not have the tension any longer.  KR is just very busy with Burbank Plaza and another complex so seeing her has been limited but yet she gets work done.  Whew!

Gotta run for now.  Shower time.

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