I do have to admit that I am not very fond of smoking as it causes health problems and risks to one’s health.  I know this because my grandparents on my mother’s side of the family both smoked for years until after they both learned of my kidney failure and needed a kidney transplant back in 1987 and 1988.  After I turned 21 years old, I smoked a few cigarettes myself but after two weeks, I quit because it was disgusting and did not look cool.  Seeing smokers smoking in their vehicles while driving by them does not look appetizing and it does look gross.  I promised my grandma that I would quit after asking her if she would not mind if I smoked some before I got addicted to cigarettes.  That was similar to a promise worth keeping.  Now, since age 21, I have not smoked and I find it disgusting.

Someone would wonder why I am bringing this up.  Let me explain why without hesitation.  I know my disgust in smoking can not stop one from smoking and I do have a couple of workers who do smoke, I saw one of our tenants outside going towards the designated smoking area out back.  This tenant has health issues and had brain surgeries in the past and has some other possible mental issues.  She seems out of it a lot because of the medication she is taking.  Now I know I can not stop her from smoking and others from smoking, but I can pray for everyone who does.  Every now and then I can tell if my shower gal BS has had smoked because the smell is strong on her clothes when she comes near me.  I am glad that smoking has been prohibited in the apartment building and in individual apartments and a designated smoking area was placed outdoors.  Cigarette smoke in some apartments as you go by was awful as the smoke seeped out into the hallway and practically choked me as I go by.  I would have to hold my breath at times.  YUCK!

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