Another Quickie

I will be very honest here.  I got the things I wanted done – a couple of things done just now in fact.  I thought, since it is going to be 9 PM here in a short fifteen minutes or so, I thought I would say all is fine at this time.  I have had a very good day.  In fact, when the phone rang after 4 PM I realized that I had yet not talked to my IDS lead worker who calls me once a week and it is every Friday.  Time has escaped me as I usually call my IDS lead worker before 12noon but it did not happen today or last week.  I actually forgot today and definitely forgot last week as well.  Bing Crosby the cat is being a strange one at the apartment door but I believe there is a bug of some kind he has been hunting down for the past couple of nights now.  I have had a great day.  I even closed the day out – before and after sundown watching a movie titled God’s Not Dead”.  I am looking forward to the new one coming out titled God’s Not Dead 2.  It was an awesome movie.

I am going to take a Melatonin, make sure Bing has some food in his dish, and go to bed.  My evening meds have been taken about an hour ago  now.  I am going to say good night and I will be back tomorrow.  Good night.

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