Saturday Morning At My Place

I woke up a little after 6 AM after falling asleep watching Murder, She Wrote on Netflix, and now I am up for the day until I go to bed tonight.  This is a fairly typical Saturday, though.  Bing Crosby the cat was hungry so I fed him and gave him fresh water, after getting dressed for church and brushing my hair.  I am going to church and leaving here around 8:45 AM to go to Beloit, Wisconsin for the morning and part of the early afternoon then I am coming home for the rest of the day and weekend.  I am not going to church tomorrow since my ride is not available at this time.  No big deal really.  I enjoy going to church on Saturdays anyway – most of the time even though I am going to miss my friends there for a few weeks.

Now, I do have to admit that getting up a little after 6 AM this morning was a little different than usual but I had something to do that got me up quickly and then I decided to stay up for the rest of the morning and have some quiet time before it got noisy again – normal sounds from my upstairs neighbor and friend RS.  As a matter of fact, she is up now I believe.  It is doughnut and coffee Saturday today.  We have doughnuts and coffee every other Saturday.  This morning I will not be able to attend because my ride will be here before 9 AM.  I am okay with that.  I do not need the sugar or the caffeine and I do not drink coffee anyway.

It is almost time to take my 7:30 and 8 AM medications so I am going to head of for now and hopefully come back later to write more.  I cannot guarantee that I will be back but I was surely do my best.  I have other things to do this morning before I go to church.

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