A Spring Cold, My Mom’s and Friend’s Birthday Today, Relaxed and the Twilight Saga

A Spring Cold

It is not quite a doozy but I do have a winter to spring cold. YUCK. I will be okay, though. I have to allow the cold virus to run its course and make sure I do not get a temperature past 99.5. I am not sure if I will go anywhere tomorrow night as the weather has been questionable the past several days. If the springtime months are coming, they are coming slowly but surely. I still can feel the coolness of winter at times yet. It is only March and April is on its way in two days. Yay.

My Mom’s and Friend’s Birthday Today

Happy birthday 72nd birthday, Mom! Happy birthday 46th birthday, SLS!

Relaxed and the Twilight Saga

I did not do much of anything today really. With my winter to spring cold, I have decided to relax for the most part. I am now reading the last book of the Twilight Saga series…I believe anyway. There are three books in the last book. It goes as this Bella, Jacob, and Bella. Right now I am the Jacob portion of the book and read the first Bella portion of the book. I am going to be glad I am done reading the saga and move on to other reading as planned.

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