Spring Cold…Yuck, Relaxation, and More Reading of Twilight Saga

Spring Cold…Yuck

I really hate winter to spring colds as I get them EVERY YEAR no matter what part of March it is. I always get colds during this time of year and it drives me crazy. I did not get the flu last year nor did I fall. I always find them colds…yuck. I hope I get some Mucinex tomorrow.


I relaxed for the most part. My appetite is not the greatest. I am eating okay but I have to force myself to do so when I have a cold. Drinking water is a slight problem too but I am getting the water I need for the most part. I have done nothing today…sit and watch/listen to TV and read more of the Twilight Saga series. I am looking forward to finishing the series. I do want to see all the movies now.

More Reading of Twilight Saga

I believe I am in the last book of the Twilight Saga and will be finishing up with the 2nd book – Jacob – sometime tomorrow. I have gotten to the point of not being able to put the book down when I am alone with only Bing Crosby the cat nearby or right on my lap or in my sight. I cannot wait to get the series all read and over with. I am looking forward to reading other books as well.


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