My Dad’s Birthday Today, At Dean Laboratory and One Pins and Needles

My Dad’s Birthday Today

One of the things I remember with my heart and mind is one’s birthday. Today is my dad’s 74th birthday and after my shower I called to wish him a “happy birthday”. Apparently I was not the only one who called him to wish him a good day. By the time I have called he had chuckled a little bit and said “no more happy birthdays”. I chuckled a little myself and knew deep down that I would not have been the only one calling him to wish him a happy birthday but his comment sort of took me off guard until he chuckled. I was relieved to the extent to be able to say at least your two daughters will not forget his birthday and he couldn’t ignore it from both of us. He chuckled at my thought as well as I did and said that I was right in so many words. We conversed for a couple of minutes more until we hung up with him telling me that he had a plant to water.

At Dean Laboratory & On Pins and Needles

Today I went to Dean clinic to get my labs and UA done. I have been complaining about discomfort and was not sure if I was harboring an urinary tract infection or a yeast infection so I had an additional UA test done to check for a possible UTI. As my day continued, I felt like I was on pins and needles until I talked to my kidney coordinator KF in Madison. I found out that I do not have a possible UTI and we talked for a while about the discomfort I was having…itching and such. A little while later I ended up having a lot of yeast come from my private area! UUGGHH… A yeast infection has similar symptoms from time to time. I ended up calling my primary doctor in Janesville to talk to the nurse about prescribing me some yeast medication and cream. As it turned out, things began to relax a bit for me, and the pins and needles feeling I had began to dissipate.

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