Been Sick With A Cold and Sleeping A Bit

Been Sick With A Cold

April seemed to have gone by rather quickly until last Sunday I ended up dealing with a very bad cold virus that has driven me to sleep a little more than my normal sleep. When I had first got the cold, I could not sleep very well for the first five days and sleep was rather allusive for Sunday, April 24 – Wednesday, April 27. I felt miserable with cold viruses before but believe me when I say that having little to no sleep for three days drove me to a world of tears, frustration, tiredness, and unimaginable dreams when sleep was possible. Dreams did not make sense to the extent of the fact that I am going through some changes in my life and the dreams are showing transition all around me throughout my dreams. Change and I do not mix very well when it is sprung onto me without warning otherwise change and I can manage sooner or later. I do not like change that much.

Sleeping A Bit


With this bad cold virus, I do have to admit that I am sleeping a bit more than I would like to but I have been told to get the rest I need to get rid of the virus. Believe me, I am doing just that. I hope I feel better as the week continues to move ahead. I dislike being sickly with colds and flu bugs.

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