Keeping Up and My Thursday

Keeping Up

I do have to admit that I have been keeping up with my diary the past several days without failure but this cold is yet not licked entirely…but at least better than last week for the most part. I have been coughing and hacking the past couple of days now but the worst of the cold is definitely over. Woo hoo! As for keeping up with my diary, I have come up to the conclusion that it is not always possible now-a-days. At least I am feeling human again instead of feeling like I got hit by a truck of some kind…mainly semi.

My Thursday

With my shower this morning, food preparation, relaxation, and did some reading. When it comes to my Thursdays, I know my weekend is arriving once my shower gal BS leaves at 10 AM after my shower. Am I looking forward to tomorrow? Yes and no is the answer to that obvious question. I almost dread my Fridays, every other weekend, and Monday when BS is here.



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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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