Church Better Understood, My Thoughts On Different Religions, Taking a Stand in What I Believe In, and the Cold Virus

Church Better Understood

I am a Seventh-day Adventist so I go to church on Saturday. The SDA church in Beloit, Wisconsin is where my membership is but today I attended Woodland Community Church with our pastor and his wife CV. When I attend church in Beloit and Woodland Community, I end up hearing the sermon twice in one month but that I find just fine…really. Anyway, it was a wonderful morning. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday (Sabbath) at Woodland Community there is a potluck. Today, since I did not have a shower scheduled, I was able to stay and enjoy some lunch with other members of the church. It seems, when I attend Woodland Community the members expect me there once a month or at least know the pastor’s schedule – “wink” . . . the members know me well enough anyway. Woodland Community Church used to be my home church until I realized how the Beloit church does their services – traditional – which I have been accustomed to from the very beginning of going to the SDA church in Milton, Wisconsin before there were some changes made…some I do not care for. My home church now is Beloit’s SDA church.

My Thoughts On Different Religions

I am not ever going to argue about different religions with anyone. Everyone has his or her beliefs and understandings, or non-beliefs. I will not ever push my faith or religion onto anyone. My beliefs have come to where they are because of my understanding and knowledge of the Bible and attending seminars in my city for a long time. My parents do not mind me being a Seventh-day Adventist as long as the Bible is being used and I am getting something very important out of it, and I am taking anything out of context with other members. The seventh day of the week is Saturday and so I go to church on Saturdays. I am not Jewish although there is a synagogue next door to Beloit’s SDA church and I know people who are Jewish and someone who attends the synagogue in Beloit…who used to work with me when United Cerebral Palsy was up and running…before the name change to Independent Disabilities Services.

Now, I have not been an Adventist all of my life. I grew up Catholic from childhood to age sixteen. My maternal grandparents wanted me to be confirmed in the Catholic Church but it did not happen, and I disappointed my grandmother for a little while but it did not put a damper switch on our relationship. My dad and his wife were attending a Baptist church in Janesville at the time of my sixteenth year of life. There was an agreement that I could stop taking confirmation classes if I attended the Baptist church my parents (Dad and his wife) attended, and that was not a horrible turn of events but since I was a teenager…attending one or the other seemed like an ultimatum to a girl in her teenage years. I did have some rebellion…yes, I did.

I became a member of the Baptist Church my parents attended for a while and then moved on. I am a member of the Baptist church as well but my attendance is not as what it was for several years now – since 1999. I am a member there but getting to church on Sundays does not always happen right now due to ride conflict. As a member of the SDA church – home is where the heart is and I do not have any conflict with anyone in the SDA churches I have attended since 1999. I have found myself…my place in this world with other Adventists. Not everyone is friendly at the Baptist church I attend on a now and again basis and the Adventist churches I have attended have been welcoming and comfortable. The members are friendlier and nicer, and they do not push people away unless it is going to bring harm to other members of the church. Otherwise people are welcome.

I have also read literature of the Jehovah’s Witness faith. I have nothing against the people of this faith as I have friends who are Jehovah’s Witnesses and I have attended the Kingdom Hall more than once throughout the years of my early adulthood and have studied with other witnesses in my home or of another Jehovah Witness. I have a high school colleague’s mother come from time to time and we chat. This high school colleague was not in my class but a couple of years behind and we have become friendly towards one another through another who was a year behind me in school.

When I attended college at University of Phoenix of Phoenix to take accounting courses and of course general education courses, I have taken classes that were religion courses. At that time I had learned about other religions such as Hinduism, Muslim, etc.… and I have some knowledge base of other religions in other countries outside the United States. So, if anyone asks me about my religious beliefs, I would definitely say that it depends on the person, where they come from, and their knowledge base of who God is. My beliefs about God is the fact that I am here for a reason and that reason is to share about God from the knowing standpoint I have today. I am still learning and what I learn I share…not push onto others on Facebook, Twitter, and Path.

Taking A Stand In What I Believe In

With religion being one of the things I a take a stand in what I believe, I also take a stand in what I believe in. I do not agree with animal abuse, puppy mills, and killing wildlife when wildlife is in protection and zoos. Now, if a bear or lion kills a human being because the human got into its pen or safe place, I find it hard having to kill the animal because of the human’s error in judgment and mental faculties at the time the killing has occurred. I believe that there is indeed a need to investigate the case thoroughly before killing the bear or lion because it may not have been the fault of the animal. I sign petitions, as well as my mother does, at Care2. Animal abuse is not okay. I do not condone it. It makes me sad to see an animal affected by abuse emotionally and physically. Many people have animals who should not have them. Wildlife needs to be in some kind of sanctuary so they can thrive and be themselves – not captives. I have heard of zoos not properly taking care of their animals and that deserves thorough investigation indeed. I guess I consider myself an animal activist. I also dislike children in the United States not having enough for food and clothes or even toys. Every month I donate to mothers and children things I do not use anymore or haven’t worn in a long time. I am only one person…who cares…and I need services in order to live independently on my own in my own apartment.

The Cold Virus

Time has definitely given its nature with this cold virus. I am feeling better – finally. I did not take a nap today after I got home from church. Matlock movies were on HMM today so the TV was on all afternoon and all night. With this cold virus, I am feeling more human than I felt when I first got sick with the cold virus. It was awful stuff at the beginning. Thankfully I have gotten past the worst of it now. Only one more week of this stuff? I am hoping – strongly…

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