My Busy Morning and What Are Friends For?

My Busy Morning

This morning I did just have my shower and getting ready for my day and food preparation. The ResCare nurse came this morning to do her visit and check in with me. My vital signs were good. I can say that my morning, when my shower took place, it was a busy morning up until after 10 AM.

What Are Friends For?

Sometimes a friend needs to point out something very important to another friend. That is what happened this morning before my shower gal and ResCare nurse came at 8:30 AM.   Something I posted on Facebook yesterday – a news clip. I read it but did not see the fact that a swear word was used even though it was somewhat bleeped out by an * but the idea of the swear word was still used. My friend pointed it out to me this morning by saying she was not pleased with the post and if it happened again she would delete our friendship on Facebook. Of course, I asked my friend to help me find the post and I would delete it immediately and resolve the issue at hand. When I saw that a certain swear word was used with an * bleeping out one letter of the swear word, I was appalled that I even posted the post without looking it over more carefully. It pays to READ EVERYTHING first before posting anything on Facebook. We have to be careful with what we post on social media today and always. From this day forward, I am going to be VERY careful of posting news media and articles before posting them on Facebook and Twitter. Believe me when I say I am grateful for this friend pointing this post out to me. What are friends for?

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