A Whirlwind of Thought

A Whirlwind of Thought

I still feel like a whirlwind of thought is going on in my head. It is scary. I feel like not talking about what happened on Friday anymore but my heart, mind, and body is still feeling the discomfort of what happened even though a wonderful and good friend of mine has helped me with some grocery money. I won’t go hungry this week. My IDS worker DB and I went to ECHO yesterday but I had missed the opportunity to get help so that was out of the question. They told me I would have to go back tomorrow but I do not have IDS services on Tuesdays.   I have services with IDS on Mondays and Thursdays only, and if in a pinch, they will help someone find to take me to the clinic for a urine analysis test if I am suspecting a urinary tract infection of some kind or dealing with a yeast infection. With me I never know what I am dealing with when it comes from discomfort from down below in the most private area of my body. Please excuse my more detail session or moment but I am being honest here.

I won’t go hungry this week…thankfully. I just now have to make sure I need to pay my friend back the money I was given for my groceries as soon as I possibly can even if it is a few dollars here and there until I pay it all back and no longer have an I.O.U. on me any longer.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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